Traditional CPA firms often bring in new clients before assigning lower-level staff to work with them. The CPAs of such firms usually interact with their clients in an advisory capacity only. Frequently, these CPAs are juggling more clients than they are realistically capable of sharing constructive and meaningful interaction with.

Don Paris runs his business differently by working with clients in the most effective manner possible and by getting to know them personally. With Don Paris, your work will never be performed by anyone other than Don Paris. Just as importantly, Don makes certain he is regularly available to speak by phone. This is about your money – stay connected.

Don’s clients benefit from his advanced education in taxation and emphasis on continuing education. Key issues that affect you such as tax planning, for example, are an ongoing activity. Should you need to appeal a decision by the Internal Revenue Service, it is important to know that your CPA provides this service regularly, as Don does. Join the majority of his clients who work closely with him throughout the year and fully participate in making continual refinements to achieve their financial goals.